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    There are many vehicle insurance companies for California residents to choose from. Each one of these companies offers services for different prices, and some of these automobile insurance companies have services that the other motor vehicle insurance companies do not have. People looking for the top car insurance companies in California can begin their search by getting familiar with some of the major car insurers on the market.

    Liberty Mutual

    Liberty Mutual is a provider of auto, life, and home insurance. Its automobile insurance division provides basic coverage for damages to vehicles, along with medical bills for parties injured during accidents. In extreme cases, Liberty Mutual will provide its customers with new cars if their vehicles are too damaged to repair. If a person gets in an accident while they are insured by this company, the company has a policy where they will forgive a person for an accident if they go an extended period of time without having another one.

    The General

    The General is strictly an insurance provider for vehicles. The General is advertised as being a company with very low prices compared to other companies, but consumers cannot prove this without comparing the company against other companies. The General is a subsidiary of American Family Insurance, a company that provides home, life, and vehicle insurance. Even though The General is a subsidiary of this company, it operates as a totally independent company, and does not advertise for American Family Insurance.


    Esurance is one of the early pioneers of online automotive insurance providing. Esurance receives most of its business through online and phone transactions. In 2011, Esurance was purchased by Allstate. Due to the fact that Esurance is a part of Allstate, people who use Esurance get to tap into the power of the big Allstate Insurance Company when they are insured by Esurance. The Esurance Company takes a special interest in environmental interest. The company plants trees, and encourages people to engage in carpooling.


    Auto Insurance Specialist, AIS for short, is a company that specializes in proving automobile insurance to California residents. Auto Insurance Specialist has been serving Californians for more than four decades. The AIS insurance family is not one of the bigger insurance companies, but it claims to be able to save people the most money.


    Geico is an insurance giant owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Geico is the third largest auto insurer. Geico provides every form of insurance a person can have. The company is world famous for its Gecko mascot. Due to the fact that Geico is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, financially it is the strongest insurance company.


    Nationwide rose to prominence through the help of farmers. Unlike most other insurers, Nationwide also operates a bank. This allows the company to provide insurance and comprehensive investment services to its customers at the same time. The company also provides disaster protection services.

    Each one of these companies is owned by a different group of people, but they all have the same thing in common: all of them claim to offer the lowest priced insurance. When people are searching for the top auto insurance companies in California, only one company can be the lowest price. To easily find the insurance company that truly has the lowest price, people need to visit Cheapinsurancecalifornia.net and use their insurance comparison service.  This service compares the top car insurance companies in California against one another, and finds which company has the best prices and services.

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