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    Average Bakersfield Car Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $643 Per Year

    The people of Bakersfield incur a wide range of insurance charges, from an enviable $1,047 to a whopping $2,056 or almost double the cheapest rate. Individual circumstances dictate the differences in prices.

    Insurance Factors — Bakersfield Auto Insurance Quirks

    A standard premium rate does not exist, and it cannot exist because every motorist has a unique driving background. People who are repeat offenders of drunk driving are likely to continue on with their wayward manner and have a distinctly greater risk of getting involved in an accident compared to a person with a clean record. It is unfair to charge them with the same rate. The factors below provide some food for thought:

    • Location — It’s always a pleasure to drive across wide open highways and a nightmare to endure congested roads. The former allows you to move fast and reach your destination in time. The latter decreases productivity while increasing your chances of a collision. It’s a good thing that Bakersfield has a good balance of population (348,541 residents) and land area (113.1 sq mi). The equivalent density of 3,082 allows ample breathing room for both people and their cars.
    • Driving To Work — You might be surprised but providers are quite keen on knowing what time you leave for work. Accidents tend to spike during the rush hour so they want to see if you can avoid that. They actually give out discounts to encourage people to stay away from the roads during this window. Getting to the destination fast is another thing that insurance companies like in a client. Driving around Bakersfield is relatively zippy with the average commute lasting only 22.2 minutes. However, the fatal accident count in the city is 7.1 per 100,000 – more than California’s 5.5.
    • Auto Thefts — A lot people shrug off crime statistics until they become victims themselves. Be more proactive so that you don’t become one of the reasons for an inflated number of auto thefts in the city. In 2011, about 2,396 incident reports were filed by the police. Install multiple forms of deterrent in and around your vehicle to keep the thieves at bay. You’ll be able to earn insurance discounts for the effort.
    • Education — College life can be fun but it also takes a ton of work to finish a degree. Providers acknowledge this and they give out discounts to their highly educated clientele. For 12.9% of Bakersfield inhabitants, that’s a welcome relief.

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