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    Having insurance to drive a vehicle is very important.  Not only carrying the right amount of insurance coverage a legal requirement, but it is also vital to protecting you financially should an accident occur that is your fault.  Property damage and medical expenses can be quite costly this day in age and should be a big motivator in making sure you are protected by a vehicle insurance policy.  However, with many people pinching pennies to make ends meet it is also important to find cheap liability car insurance California.  You want to be protected, but you don’t want to go outside of your budget for that protection.  If you drive an older car, or a car that is not worth much, it might be worth your investment to just purchase liability insurance on your car.  When purchasing cheap liability auto insurance California it is also of importance to understand the different types of auto insurance coverage.

    California Bodily Injury Coverage

    If a car accident occurs that is your fault you will be responsible for the medical bills of the other injured parties.  Bodily Injury Coverage provide for these expenses, which include:

    • Emergency medical care at the scene of the accident
    • Medical bills for injury, sickness, or disease as related to the accident
    • Loss of income due to bodily injury
    • Funeral expenses if necessary
    • Legal defense expenses and bail bonds

    In California, drivers are required to carry an auto insurance policy with at least $15,000 in coverage for injury or death of one person and $30,000 for the injury or death of multiple people.

    Property Damage Coverage in California

    California drivers need to legally carry a minimum of $5,000 coverage for property damage on their liability vehicle insurance policy.  This type of coverage protects you in the event that an accident is your fault and there is damage to another person’s property.  Such property can include the repair or replacement of:

    • Homes, stores or other structures
    • Objects and property that are stationary
    • Vehicles and trailers

    Should I Only Maintain the Legally Required Amounts?

    Since the various costs of serious accidents can far exceed the minimum required amounts of liability insurance in both bodily injury and property damage, getting more coverage is recommended.  In fact, many insurance experts suggest purchasing as much coverage as you can afford.  This could very well be a wise investment if you are ever at fault for a serious accident.  Many serious accidents are costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and drivers are thankful they chose and maintained as much coverage as they could afford.

    With a little bit of time and some research you can secure the minimum legal limits of vehicle insurance in California at a price that you can afford.  If you are searching for cheap liability car insurance California, visit cheapinsurancecalifornia.net.  This website will assist you in comparing quotes and save you the most money possible on your automotive liability insurance policy.  Visit the website today to get your quote and begin your insurance coverage at an affordable price.

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